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NEWS: Qualcomm Acquires Iridigm for $170M in 2004

QUALCOMM’S ACQUISITION OF IRIDIGM DISPLAY CORP. Qualcomm’s announcement of its acquisition of Iridigm Display Corporation was big news in 2004 in the communications, display, technology and business world. A subset of the press articles published about the announcement on September 9-10,...
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It all began at M.I.T. with “a nerd and a dream”: An Historical summary of the birth of iMod Technology

Having spent four years at M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) myself, I wouldn’t have to go out too far on a limb to say that every person I met there had the quality of intense inquisitiveness. In my opinion, this quality is requisite for inventiveness. In conjunction with a high mental...
August 12th, 2009 | Business History, Etalon Inc. (1989-1997), iMOD Technology, Iridigm Display Corp. (1997-2004), Timeline | Read More

REFERENCES: Iridigm Display Corporation

IRIDIGM REFERENCES After completing his research goals at his company Etalon, Inc., Miles co-founded Iridigm Display Corporation with his partner Erik Larson to secure funding and prepare his iMod display technology for commercial applications, manufacturing and implementation in consumer products in...
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